Tuesday, July 31

anticipation killed the...cat?

Oh man... the anticipation is killing me. What am I supposed to do for another whole month without excitement and adventure and...and...Israel? I been pseudo-packing for a last a few weeks now. You know, the making of lists and the mentally preparing and such. Yeah...I'm ready to pack pack now. But I certainly can't have my clothes and such sitting in a couple suit cases for a whole month. That'd definitely be useless. Anyways...I wish the 29th was here. Was now. It's worse now than when I was getting ready for freshman year. I wasn't even that excited for college...I don't really get "excited" a head of time for things...and this is probably why: I'm dying! Ok...so I'll stop being so melodramatic.
One more month will fly by....but only if I try not to pay any attention to time. ;) I promise I won't do another blog until I'm in Israel. (maybe)....