Tuesday, May 11

Cave of All Wonders

I spoke my minds truest truths
My words walked on the sofas and took a seat next to you
scratched at the thread hanging off the arm rest and
pulled open the fold-out legs to piecefully listen and
take snapshots with letters and quotations and phrasings.
Your smiles became "driftily dazing in the raindrops dew"
and your darting eyelids and lashes "the glass of gems and geniuses". 
My prose stood up for a minute and left to run to the loo,
but turned instead to view the living room's poem from a
wider horizon, zoomed out and up, even climbing onto the table.
Fermented juice swishing around in each's glass read
"I am the captain of my ship" and the stain that swished out of the glass
onto your faded white t-shirts replied "Oh captain my captain"  and
the shoes staring up from below you both blinked and quietly whispered
only to me "I took the road less traveled by"
I winked, which was of course the corresponding line to finish his thought.

Dazzling dungeon of works and words!  Cave of all wonders and warlords!
Grant me always the poems in each room.