Thursday, April 8

Waking Up to Fever Ray

My heart beats for the trees outside,
for sacred naked blurried waves on the sheets,
for an occasional friend, and friends, and the right attitude to enjoy them.
for Leiv Schreiber and the Phantom of the Opera,
for high heels, dark eyes, and big messy pastey hair that swings,
for cigarettes, I pine!  I'm an addict already. They make me high.
for camping to come, and small touches from people I love.
for one particular memory which I will keep to myself. ; )
for my own breasts, and for the edge of your chin,
for writing, and for the dreams I have each night that are so vivid and convincing.

And these imaginary clouds that surround my head today soothe my wounds,
and through their mists, I hear the quiet spray that says,
"It's all gonna be Ok."