Saturday, March 20

Show and Tell

I wish to have a show and tell party.
Each friend brings a creation to share.

One can bring a poem or two,
serious or funny, or both.

One can show his paintings,
drawings, artist's delight.

One can bake or cook a snack
and explain why it was chosen.

One can build an polish a stool
with rusty nails and recycled wood.

One can share a secret.
One a true confession.

One could tell a story
or read one from a book.

One could make a short film,
or act out a soliloquy.

One could even preach a sermon
so passionate and striving.

One could stand-up-comedy
One could sing a song.

And in the end we'd take a vote
and two would be the winners
For favorite show-and-tell
one serious, one fun,
And some small prize would be given.