Wednesday, March 24


A piddly this a piddly that
You wear your dress, I"ll wear your hat
And rendezvous with Suits and Sue
A piddly poo a piddly you.

You try and you trill, a triddly dill
But wriddly wriddly wrongidly spill
You stupidly stupidly step on your hat
You riddly rattily rattily rat.

I'll wear the dress, and you wear that hat
Who cares about that, you sneakily snat!
You curse and you cry you criddily crat,
you sneaky and criddily crattily brat!

A pity on you and pity on me
For piddily piddily pityingye
And snappity snap your stupidy stupe
And rippity dressity hattily paddily wattily rattilly piddly poop!

Job Searching the Abyss

I can wade through all the options
Storm through all the brains
I can hold my breath and swim

But the water isn't water
and the storms are only drops
And I dip into thick sands

I can climb down into options
Lower myself into the caves
I can spalunk into that dark

But the climbing isn't down
And the top is very far
And there's no dark to look for light

There aren't any options
And there aren't any jobs
There's no sense in looking

For something not there.