Sunday, November 25

It's Taken Me Awhile....I Know.

Well, I'm so very sorry for pretty much missing the last two months of updating my blog. This semester has thrown more trials at me than just studying abroad in Israel. If family and friends are still checking this, waiting in hopes for another update, here I am. A family emergency (you could call it) has occupied my mind for quite some time and updating my blog about my travels in Israel was not highest on my list of priorities. Not to mention that my computer hard drive died and I was without a personal computer for a month and a half...not the end of the world, but blogging and putting up pictures was quite difficult with the limited number of public computers on campus, always being fought over. Anyhoo...I'm not going to try here to give a detailed description of my field studies....but i will give a not-detailed description of the last two months. Here goes:
Negev, desert, hot, tired, sticky, lack of water, lack of food, lack of sleep, very fun, lots of learning.
Galilee, perfect weather, somewhat hot, very pleasant, pretty green, some wonderful water and streams, New Testament learning.
Jordan, lots of arabic culture, Petra's beauty, a little colder but hot in the day, semi-sketchy hotels, diarreah (shoot).
Now, finals week, big paper on the Jewish beliefs of the afterlife, 5 days left for most JUC-ers. 5 days till Egypt trip, and about two weeks till out flight home.

I did finally get up all my field study pictures online at my flickr website (see the link above on the left...or maybe it's at the bottom...shoot). You can look specifically at Galilee or Jordan or the Negev. Just go into the album marked "Israel" and you should be able to pick another album of your choice field study. Thank you all for being patient. I'll will see you all very soon. -Grace Anna anna bo banna banana fanna fo fanna me my mo manna ......Anna!