Wednesday, December 30

Dec 20,2009

When we weep, we don't weep we
When weep we, weep we alone.
When we weep, weep we only I
And I weep I weep don't we when


He wept: salt dripping skin tasting tears
blurry eyes puffy red ears
scratchy throat tensing talk tightened neck
gasping air convulsing lungs ribs breath
gag once twice calm catch slow
puddle dirt shaking hands elbows

"Lazarus, come forth."


The closing blackness all around does come
The sinking heart and feeling fingers none
And when the cold goes back and forth with warm
All will be done, oh! not quite well, but done.
The fading picture loses touch around
And focuses on imagery anew
The timeline different, even almost gone.
A hand from nowhere, me it does cry to.
What, what was that? What is a hand doing
Grasping my foot with yelling screaming tears
While one more grabs my arm and while pulling
Pours music pure and sweet into my ears?
       A life in heav'n is not a life in hell
       But hope does wish my family's doing well.

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