Wednesday, February 3


A light the shape of a pine 
the height of Mt Everest captures every knee
's bowing attention and each tongue
is tied to itself. 
Then a blackness-
the kind that no one can work in, 
can think in,
can worry in except
about the blackness.  
Fear sings to the tips of each limb...Do you not see?
And what if it isn't light 
but darkness that saves
the world. Maybe
it must be dark enough
for us to stop bickering,
to see the bejeweled sky, to turn
our heads to Everest and walk
Do you want to go back to tedium? 
The crunching of numbers and hours and of dollars and
of toes and legs 
tired of sitting out its purposelessness?
The saving dark-
Dark chocolate, 
vanilla beans, coffee. 
Black ink, mascara, logs in the fire,
seeds of a sunflower.

I savor each moment, each black moment that brings relief.

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