Thursday, December 31

A Bad Habit

(Not great......but each exercise brings me closer to being better. Indulge me a bit.)
I Once Desired Kindness
And sometimes I still do
But earth inhabits cruelty
Seems nothing else will do

I used to look for beauty
Aesthetically pleased
But in the realest moments
Twas blackness all I sees

I once worked for all harmony
The risks my hope did take
Stark melody took over
For every human's sake

I used to bite my finger nails.....

I once thought I knew quite abit
How silly of me really
I once thought I could write well
But that was also silly

I've tried not not to like this place
It seems a little bleak
The grayness clouds my face some
The more I give and seek.

I once would bite each finger nail...

I worked (once) with many broken,
They sought me out to talk
But I tried much too hard then
To crutch each broken walk.

I felt a little lonely once, 
But I had many friends
They did not know me very well
Despite communal ends

I tried hard to explain myself
To analyze each thought
I color-labelled every mood, 
Each dispositive thought.

I used to bite each finger nail......

I worked hard to describe myself
In this too much was spent
I haven't kicked this habit yet
I'll let it go for Lent.

Self analyzing, my addiction
I can't do without
My mind, my heart, my character,
Morality, my doubt.

I used to bite my finger nails, on them I used to chew--
I used to bite each finger nail,
--but this one I still do.

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