Thursday, December 31

Wailing Wall

If they did know how much I hated them
They would not seek me out to be their friend
And I as utter isolation found
Would be content in water till I drown
And wake the dead from underneath the seas
And swim them up from all of their disease
And on and on the tide would flow and flow
And on and on, would flow and flow and flow
And ice and rain and snow and snow and snow
Would wash me over in that flow, that flow

If Chopin watched me listen to his prose
Jump up and down those keys and keys and notes, 
He'd see me cry and mist and tear and tense
Within my stable kept behind the fence
And I would let those tears just flow and flow
If he could only know, if he could only know.

If stars could breath me in as I breath them
They'd taste a bit of their own sweet heaven
And swallow dust of bone and flesh and mind
And heart and soul and all that them does bind.
And heart and light would travel on and on
Together through infinity's beyond.
And all is well, and all is well, and all
Is well and well while Wailing at the Wall.  

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